Colorado Cup #1 Results!

Most of NCF turned out to fence at the Colorado Cup #1 and Veterans’ competition over the weekend, held at Denver Fencing Center! Our best (top 8) results were:

Senior Mixed Epee
5th – Nyle
6th – Gary
8th – Sam

Senior Mixed Foil
5th – Rachel
7th – Bella


Senior Women’s Epee
1st – Sara
2nd – Rachel
3rd – Ann
5th – Kayleigh (earned her D2016 rating!)
7th – Bella (earned her E2016 rating!)


Senior Women’s Foil
1st – Ann (renewed her E rating!)
3rd – Breck


Vet Mixed Epee
8th – Ann

Vet Mixed Foil
3rd – Ann

On Friday night at DFC, there was an unrated senior mixed open competition, and Charlie and Gibson fenced well! Here are there results:

Unrated Mixed Epee
1st – Charlie (earned his E2016 rating!)
3rd – Gibson