Bill Goering Memorial Competition Results

Here are our best results from the Bill Goering Memorial competition, held this past weekend at the Denver Fencing Center:

Senior Mixed Epee
5th – John
8th – Charlie (renewed C18 rating!)

Senior Women’s Epee
1st – Sara (renewed A18 rating!)
2nd – Ann
3rd – Bella (renewed C18 rating!)
7th – Jennifer (renewed E18 rating!)
8th – Tessa (earned E18 rating!)

Senior Women’s Foil
2nd – Ann

Veteran Combined Mixed Epee
6th – Mark
In all, NCF had 14​ fencers compete this weekend, including some of our newest fencers – Sabina, Jiasheng, Ty, and Kai — great to see them getting out and getting experience! Thank you to DFC for hosting this event!

Strong Club Results at the Colorado Cup

Several NCF fencers worked their way onto the finalists’ podium in local competition at the Colorado Cup this weekend! Among the best results were:

Senior Women’s Epee
1st – Sara
2nd – Ann
3rd – Tean
5th – Rachel
7th – Bella

Senior Mixed Epee
1st – Sam
3rd – Brendon
8th – Jay

Sam earned his A17 rating and Jay renewed his C17!

Additionally we saw great effort and good fencing from some of our newest fencers – Ty, Sabina and Breck!

Veterans Medal at December NAC

NCF veteran fencers​ earned great results ​a​t the December North American Cup in Portland Oregon …

Mark Kruger finished 8th in Division 2 Men’s Epee and updated his rating to C17!

Ann Totemeier finished 3rd in Vet 40 Women’s Foil, 1st in Vet 40 Women’s Epee, and 3rd in Veteran Combined Women’s Epee!

Great job to our amazing veterans!

Latest Results!

Our fencers achieved great results this weekend at the Bladerunner regional event in California and at the RYC of the Rockies in Denver!
At the Bladerunner — in Junior Women’s Epee, Sara finished 7th, Rachel 15th and Tean 38th. And in Senior Women’s Epee, Sara and Rachel finished on the podium tied for 3rd, and Tean made the top 32, finishing 29th!
At the RYC of the Rockies – Bella finished 2nd and Breck 3rd in Y14 Women’s Epee, and Luke finished 5th in Y12 Men’s Epee.
Great job, fencers!

Falcon Open results!

Most of our fencers turned out this weekend for good competitive events at the 2017 Falcon Open held at the US Air Force Academy! We had fencers of all ages and skill levels fighting hard for every touch. Our best results this weekend came from:
Senior Men’s Epee:
3rd – Devin
6th – Sam
7th – Brendon
Senior Women’s Epee:
1st – Miriam
2nd – Sara
3rd – Ann
5th – Rachel
7th – Bella
Junior Men’s Epee:
1st – Devin
6th – John
Junior Women’s Epee:
2nd – Sara
3rd – Rachel
3rd – Miriam
8th – Bella
Y14 Men’s Epee:
8th – Timothy
Y14 Women’s Epee:
1st – Bella
2nd – Tessa
7th – Breck
8th – Eilene
Y12 Mixed Epee:
1st – Timothy
3rd – Luke

Results from regional competitions!

Our fencers brought home medals this past weekend from regional events in Denver and in St. Louis! Breck and Bella travelled to St. Louis for the Daugherty Cup SYC& RCC, and Charlie, Miriam, Jack, Sara and Sam competed at the RJCC of the Rockies at Denver Fencing Center. Our best results were:

Daugherty Cup – CWE
8th – Bella

RJCC o/t Rockies – CME
2nd – Charlie
5th – Jack

– JWE –
1st – Miriam
3rd – Sara

– JME –
2nd – Sam
6th – Jack

2017 Nick Toth Results!

Many of our fencers turned out this weekend to test themselves at the 2017 Nick Toth Open, and many of them made it onto the finalists podium! Our best results were:
On Saturday:
Junior Men’s Epee:
2nd – Sam Senseman
3rd – Devin Tafoya
7th – Charlie Alaimo
Senior Men’s Epee:
2nd – Devin Tafoya
On Sunday:
Y12 Mixed Epee
6th – Luke Strauss
Y14 Men’s Epee
1st – Drake Barsky
6th – Ty Kaji
8th – Jiasheng Zhou
Y14 Women’s Epee
1st – Bella Wolf
3rd – Breck Dunbar
3rd – Sabina Baron
Junior Women’s Epee
2nd – Miriam Grady
5th – Rachel Castro
6th – Tean Brooks
7th – Sara Proctor
8th – Bella Wolf
Senior Women’s Epee
2nd – Miriam Grady
3rd – Rachel Castro
5th – Ann Totemeier
6th – Sara Proctor
8th – Tean Brooks

Great results from our fencers this weekend!

First, Tean, Rachel, Cosi and Sara travelled to California for the 2017 SDFA RJCC Challenge:

Junior Women’s Epee
3rd – Rachel
5th – Cosi
15th – Sara
16th – Tean

Cadet Women’s Epee
3rd – Sara
5th – Rachel
14th – Cosi
25th – Tean

Meanwhile in Colorado, Jennifer, Ann and Jack fenced in competitions at the Denver Fencing Center:

Unrated Senior Women’s Epee
1st – Jennifer (earning her E 2017 rating!)

Division 2 Mixed Epee
3rd – Jack

Veteran Epee
3rd – Ann

Veteran Foil
2nd – Ann