Youth (8-12)

Classes Tuesday through Thursday
4:00pm to 5:30pm,
Designed to introduce the individual to fencing and build basic skills.
Equipment supplied
Epee and Foil weapons focus
Group lesson format
Eight session punch cards are $200. A more detailed fee schedule can be found here.

The focus of this class is more on learning specific skills than in Kinderfechten but still retaining the “fun” aspect of the class. Fencers are placed into one of three groups based on size, skill, and goals for the class. Having different groups allows the instructors to develop drills around the different needs of each group. The group structure also gives the instructors a better opportunity to work with fencers on an individual basis, and get to know them personally as well as identifying their individual strengths and weaknesses.

A typical class day is structured as follows:

    • Warm-up and stretching – Important for preventing injuries
    • Footwork practice – develops balance and coordination
    • Footwork games – to reinforce the skills developed during practice
    • Change into appropriate fencing attire
    • Drills – focus on the basic skills of fencing and how to apply them


    Fencing – an opportunity to practice what you’ve learned, on some days students are free to fence whomever they want, while on other days a more tournament like structure is applied and students fence pools, or modified pools of some kind

In addition to the regular class schedule in-house tournaments for both youth and Kinderfechten students are hosted once a month at the club. These tournaments are designed to provide the following:

    HAVE FUN! These tournaments are really designed to give the student an opportunity to use what they’ve learned and have fun doing it.
    For those that are considering competing in a real tournament this will give you an idea of what to expect, and give you a chance to learn how a tournament is run in a more casual and familiar environment.
    An opportunity for family and friends to come and watch as it provides a perfect opportunity to learn more about the sport of fencing, and encourage their student.

If you wish to talk with someone about the classes please contact or e-mail us, or if you want to get registered, simply click here.