Fencers need to purchase a punchcard for any classes or fencing at NCF. The punchcard is good for eight sessions or two months, and then needs to be renewed. A session is any class the student attends. If a normally attended class is missed there is no charge. When the fencer has his sixth lesson you will receive an invoice to renew the punchcard for another eight lessons.

The punchcards for Kinderfechten classes are $200 for 8 sessions.

The punchcards for Youth classes are $200 for 8 sessions.

The punchcards for open and adult classes are $240 for 8 sessions.

Individual Instruction

Individual instruction is something that every fencer will need at some point to more efficiently and quickly learn. Individual instruction is not just for those with aspirations of competitive success. It is for anyone that wants to maximize his training in the smallest amount of time. A fencer can begin individual immediately and get a head start on his training, or wait until the coaches suggest it as necessary for his training.

Individual lessons are billed at a monthly fee of $150, with the expectation that the average student will take 1 lesson/week.

Training Sessions

Training sessions are an opportunity for students to participate in very focused, “high density” training. These sessions usually run for a minimum of 4 hours, and are focused efforts to work on particular skills.

All training sessions are billed as two normal sessions on a punchcard.

Tournaments and Travel

There is a per diem charge of $80 for all tournaments that the coaches attend in support of its athletes.

When travel is required each athlete will be assessed a portion of the coach’s expenses to travel, stay, and coach at the event (i.e. airfare, hotel, meals, etc.). This fee varies by number of athletes attending, number of days of the event, and the costs associated with travel to the event.


Drop-ins are always welcome.

Depending on when you arrive the fee varies. When people arrive before 7pm we prefer that they participate in the group training activities, and therefore require a drop-in fee of $25. If they arrive after 7pm the fee drops to $15.


NCF will supply all the basic equipment for training while an athlete decides if this is a sport that he or she wishes to pursue. Once that decision is made, NCF can help the athlete obtain the correct equipment.  Fencing equipment need not be that expensive. There are several vendors that offer inexpensive equipment that wears out just about the same time a child would outgrow it.  A fencer can be equipped for $225-275 in almost every case.