Northern Colorado Fencers was started in 1979 by Head Coach Gary Copeland.
Over the years NCF members have had enormous success in winning both national and international individual and team titles.
NCF’s primary mission is to enable every member to reach his or her potential and to make this achievement as self-satisfying and as enriching as possible. For some, this means winning as many fencing titles as possible, and of course the club supports this ambition. For others, it means enrichment through recreational fencing.
But more importantly, the club strives to make every fencer successful. The key to this objective is that the club realizes that the definition of success is personal and individual. For example, some members may never choose to compete. Others are focused on a more varied fencing experience of competition and winning tournament events at all levels. We philosophically support these positions and have structured the club to make sure that each fencer will be able to find success.

The Club’s Structure

We have structured the club to enable fencers of all ages and interests to learn to fence and continuously improve to achieve their personal goals. To do this, we provide:

  • A range of group lessons with individual instruction for all our members; from those that are just beginning to those fencing at highly competitive national and international events
  • A setting where fencers can congregate with others of similar ability to fence as much as they desire
  • An environment where younger fencers and lesser skilled fencers mingle and learn from older or more skilled fencers
  • A spirit that supports a range of options from fencing at the club, to competing at local and regional events, and traveling to national and international events

NCF is a member of the Colorado Division of the United States Fencing Association.