Grady Grabs Bronze at Junior Olympics!

Miriam Grady won the bronze medal in Junior Women’s Epee at the 2017 Junior Olympic Championships!  Skill, determination, fortitude and cleverness were all evident in her game Saturday, Feb. 18th, as she fought her way onto the finalists’ podium out of a field of more than 200 competitors.  We are very proud of her and happy to see her dedication to hard work be rewarded!

At the Bill Goering Memorial

This weekend NCF’s fencers competed at the local Bill Goering Memorial competition at the Denver Fencing Center! Their work and determination earned gold in Open Women’s Epee and Foil, and Open Mixed Epee, as well as other great results, including:

Senior Mixed Epee
1st – Gary North (renewed A2017 rating!)
6th – Sara Proctor

Senior Women’s Epee
1st – Miriam Grady (renewed A2017 rating!)
3rd – Cosima Martus (renewed C2017 rating!)
5th – Ann Totemeier
7th – Sara Proctor

Senior Women’s Foil
1st – Ann Totemeier
3rd – Breck Dunbar

Bradford wins Bronze!

NCF Fencers achieved some exceptional results at the January North American Cup competition this weekend in Columbus, Ohio!

Jack Bradford won the Bronze Medal in Junior Men’s Epee on Monday, and, in the same event, Nyle Sykes finished 13th!

Miriam Grady finished 12th on the continent in Division 1 Women’s epee on Sunday. Miriam also finished 20th in Junior Women’s Epee on Friday.

Those results (top 32 out of 150 or more fencers) earned our fencers national points in those events!

Our teams also fared well, with the Men’s team of Jack Bradford, Nyle Sykes, Gary North and Sam Senseman finishing 6th, and the women’s team of Ella Morgan (on “loan” from DFC), Cosima Martus, Sara Proctor and Rachel Castro — and coached by NCF alumni Julia Barry – finishing fourth.

As always, we are proud of fencers’ efforts and determination to achieve, and we are happy to see their hard work in the gym rewarded! Congratulations fencers!

Happy New Year!

NCF fencers kicked off the new year with three days of competition in the RJCC of the Rockies and the Hangover Open over the weekend! Our best results included:

Cadet Men’s Epee
1st – Sam
3rd – John

Cadet Women’s Epee
2nd – ‘Bella
5th – Olivia
8th – Rachel

Cadet Women’s Foil
3rd – Rachel and ‘Bella (tied)

Junior Men’s Epee
2nd – Aidan
3rd – Sam
6th – John

Junior Women’s Epee
3rd – Rachel
8th ‘ Bella

Senior Mixed Epee
1st – Jack
3rd – Nyle
6th – Sam
8th – Gary

At the Gerrie B. SYC/RCC

This weekend saw our many of our youth and teen fencers competing at the 2016 Gerrie Baumgart Rocky Mountain SYC/RCC, and several of them earned medals, and national and regional points towards qualifying for upcoming championship events. Our best results were:

Cadet Women’s Epee
1st – Miriam
2nd – Sara
3rd – Cosima


Cadet Men’s Epee
1st – Sam


Y14 Women’s Epee
1st – Sara
3rd – Olivia
7th – Tessa


Additionally, Charlie earned national points with his 11th-place finish in Y14 Men’s Epee!

November NAC Results!

Many of our teen fencers traveled to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to compete in the November North American Cup this past weekend! It was nice to see so many of our fencers there, and to see them all fence as well as they did – with determination and intelligence.

On Friday, the girls’ epee team (Miriam, Cosima and Sara) won the silver medal!


Saturday saw Miriam win the bronze medal in individual competition in Cadet Women’s Epee, and Cosima earned national points, finishing in the top 32 (she was 21st)!


Sunday saw the boys fencing in Junior Men’s Epee, and both Jack and Nyle made the top 32 of this event, earning national points, with their 17th and 28th place finishes!

Later on Sunday, both Isabella and Sara made the top 32 in Y14 Women’s Epee – Sara finished in 9th place, and Bella was 14th!

Finally, on Monday, Miriam made it into the top 32 of the Junior Women’s Epee competition, finishing 22nd!

Additionally this competition was the first large national competition for Tean and Charlie – it was great to see them get some necessary experience fencing at this level!

Finally, NCF alumni were in town to fence for their colleges, also – it was a treat for us to see Aidan (Duke), Justine (North Carolina), and Julia (Notre Dame) again!

Colorado Cup #1 Results!

Most of NCF turned out to fence at the Colorado Cup #1 and Veterans’ competition over the weekend, held at Denver Fencing Center! Our best (top 8) results were:

Senior Mixed Epee
5th – Nyle
6th – Gary
8th – Sam

Senior Mixed Foil
5th – Rachel
7th – Bella


Senior Women’s Epee
1st – Sara
2nd – Rachel
3rd – Ann
5th – Kayleigh (earned her D2016 rating!)
7th – Bella (earned her E2016 rating!)


Senior Women’s Foil
1st – Ann (renewed her E rating!)
3rd – Breck


Vet Mixed Epee
8th – Ann

Vet Mixed Foil
3rd – Ann

On Friday night at DFC, there was an unrated senior mixed open competition, and Charlie and Gibson fenced well! Here are there results:

Unrated Mixed Epee
1st – Charlie (earned his E2016 rating!)
3rd – Gibson

Results from the RYC!

Lots of good results for our young fencers at the Rocky Mountain RYC at South Denver Fencing Academy this weekend!

Y10 Foil
6th Kenneth

Y12 Men’s Foil
7th Nathan

Y12 Women’s Epee
2nd Tessa

Y12 Women’s Foil
1st Tessa


Y14 Men’s Epee
1st Drake
2nd Charles
6th Gibson

Y14 Men’s Foil
3rd Drake
6th Gibson

Y14 Women’s Epee
1st Sara
2nd Rachel
3rd Isabella
7th Tessa
9th Breck

Y14 Women’s Foil
1st Rachel
3rd Tessa
7th Isabella


Way to go Miriam! :)


Miriam Grady made the finalists’ podium and earned a National Medal with her 8th place finish in Cadet Women’s Epee at the October North America Cup! This was one of the last events of the weekend, finishing up early Monday evening (Oct. 10th) in Detroit, Mich.