2017 Nick Toth Results!

Many of our fencers turned out this weekend to test themselves at the 2017 Nick Toth Open, and many of them made it onto the finalists podium! Our best results were:
On Saturday:
Junior Men’s Epee:
2nd – Sam Senseman
3rd – Devin Tafoya
7th – Charlie Alaimo
Senior Men’s Epee:
2nd – Devin Tafoya
On Sunday:
Y12 Mixed Epee
6th – Luke Strauss
Y14 Men’s Epee
1st – Drake Barsky
6th – Ty Kaji
8th – Jiasheng Zhou
Y14 Women’s Epee
1st – Bella Wolf
3rd – Breck Dunbar
3rd – Sabina Baron
Junior Women’s Epee
2nd – Miriam Grady
5th – Rachel Castro
6th – Tean Brooks
7th – Sara Proctor
8th – Bella Wolf
Senior Women’s Epee
2nd – Miriam Grady
3rd – Rachel Castro
5th – Ann Totemeier
6th – Sara Proctor
8th – Tean Brooks