Monthly Archives: March 2018

Great Results at the LAIFC RJCC

Last weekend some of our fencers competed at the LAIFC RJCC – in Los Angeles, California – while others competed locally at a Mixed Div 3 and Veterans event at Denver Fencing Center. In all, NCF fencers won 6 medals and earned one new rating!
In Los Angeles, our best results were:

Cadet Women’s Epee

1st – Sara
3rd – Rachel
5th – ‘Bella
Junior Women’s Epee
2nd – ‘Bella (congratulations on earning your B18 rating!)

In Denver:
Veteran Epee
3rd – Ann
Veteran Foil
3rd – Ann
As always it is great to see your efforts rewarded with great results!

Great Results at RYC of the Rockies

Some of our newest fencers produced some great results this past weekend at the RYC of the Rockies, with several finalists and two silver medals! Our best results were:
In Y12 Men’s Epee, Timothy took 5th place, and Luke came in 7th.
Breck won a silver medal with her second place finish in Y14 Women’s Epee.
And later in the day In Y14 Mens’ Epee, Ty also won silver in 2nd place!
Congratulations fencers! We always enjoy seeing your hard work and determination rewarded!