Monthly Archives: September 2017

Great results from our fencers this weekend!

First, Tean, Rachel, Cosi and Sara travelled to California for the 2017 SDFA RJCC Challenge:

Junior Women’s Epee
3rd – Rachel
5th – Cosi
15th – Sara
16th – Tean

Cadet Women’s Epee
3rd – Sara
5th – Rachel
14th – Cosi
25th – Tean

Meanwhile in Colorado, Jennifer, Ann and Jack fenced in competitions at the Denver Fencing Center:

Unrated Senior Women’s Epee
1st – Jennifer (earning her E 2017 rating!)

Division 2 Mixed Epee
3rd – Jack

Veteran Epee
3rd – Ann

Veteran Foil
2nd – Ann

Colorado Cup Results!

The first Colorado Cup of the season was held at the Fencing Academy of Denver on Sunday. Our best results were:
Women’s Foil
1st – Ann Totemeier
2nd – Breck Dunbar
Women’s Epee
2nd – Rachel Castro
3rd – Sara Proctor
3rd – Ann Totemeier
Mixed Epee
1st – Devin Tafoya