Monthly Archives: May 2017

Great results at the ROC of the Rockies!

This past weekend, our fencers competed in several events at the ROC of the Rockies, hosted by the Denver Fencing Center. Medals were awarded to the top 8 finalists, champions also received a replica sword! And some of our fencers earned new ratings! Also, this was a qualifying event for Summer Nationals. Our best results were:
Division 2 Women’s Epee:
7th – Olivia
Division 1A Men’s Epee:
1st – Gary (earned points)
3rd – Jack (earned points)
10th – Sam (earned points)
Division 1A Women’s Epee:
1st – Cosi (earned points and her A rating!)
2nd – Ann (earned points)
6th – Sara (earned points)
7th – Tean (earned points and her C rating!)
11th – Rachel (earned points)
Division 1A Women’s Foil:
2nd – Ann (earned points)
Additionally our Veteran fencers, Ann and Mark, qualified for Veteran Men’s Epee, Women’s Epee and Women’s Foil.