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NCF Summer Camps Are Here!

Fencing summer camps at NCF will introduce your child to the core skills, strategies and rules of the modern sport of fencing.  Camps are safe and fun, and participants learn the basics of using a fencing weapon for offense and defense, the rules of the sport, how to conduct bouts and tournament play, and how to be gracious in victory and how to profit from defeat.  Along the way, we’ll have fun games, challenging exercises and bouts with partners, and informative discussions about the sport and each fencer’s role in it.

 Register now for this Summer!

Two golds in Richmond!

This morning, Jack Bradford took 1st place in the Division 1 Men’s Epee national championships at the April North American Cup in Richmond, VA!  April NAC 3

Later, Ann Totemeier, with her teammates on The Needles, won gold in the Veteran Team Women’s Epee competition!

Ann and the Needles in April

5 Medalists at Colorado Cup!

This weekend, NCF fencers made the finalists’ podium five times in three events!  Our best results were:

Senior Women’s Epee:

1st Place: Miriam Grady

3rd Place (tied): Justine DeGrasse and Ann Totemeier

Colo Cup #4 WE

Senior Mixed Epee:

3rd Place: Nyle Sykes

Colo Cup #4 ME

Senior Women’s Foil:

1st Place: Ann Totemeier

Colo Cup #4 WF

Additionally, by making the top 8 in Senior Mixed Epee, Sam Senseman updated his rating to C2016!  Great job fencers!